For Realtors

Our program for realtors includes benefits for the real estate agent and broker. This added benefit makes it convenient for the potential buyer to contact the realtor.

We know from experience, that potential home buyers may have many questions and concerns about the property. Great Home Inspections also understands the value of building relationships with the Central Arizona realtors that provide homes for Phoenix area families. See our DOWNLOADABLE BROCHURE at the bottom of this page.

FREE ADVERTISING  –  Your name and contact information will be printed on the report cover.

FIRST HOME BUYERS WELCOME – I walk clients around the home showing them the main shutoffs and utility connections along with items discovered and answer all questions.  I enjoy educating first time home buyers about their prospective property.

SAME DAY REPORTS – The inspection report will be completed, frequently within hours of the inspection and delivered to you and your clients the same day to allow you to quickly proceed with any follow up inspections and the BINSR.Great Home inspections_Caballero St. Mesa Arizona For Realtors

INTEGRATED TERMITE INSPECTION –  I am licensed in termite inspections and can provide both the home and termite inspections WDIIR report saving you time and scheduling issues.

CALM PRESENTATION – I have been inspecting homes for over a decade.  There is nothing that cannot be repaired given time and money.  Based on this I present the inspection information and any items discovered in a calm manner.

POOL AND SPA SPECIALIST – Over the past 15 years I have owned and operated 2 pool service and repair companies.  This gives me the experience of repairing hundreds of pools and servicing thousands.  If your client is purchasing a house with a pool, particularly an old pool or one in poor condition, an experienced inspection can prevent surprises for the clients after purchase.

WIDE AREA OF SERVICE – I do jobs all over the valley and do not charge any additional trip charge.  Examples are Anthem, Fountain Hills, Maricopa and Florence.

7 DAY SERVICE – We are available for home inspections 7 days a week and on most Holidays.

DOCUSIGN  – We utilize the Docusign computer application to allow clients to receive and sign their inspection contract(s) directly on their computer, tablet or phone,  saving them the trouble of printing it out and scanning it back into the system.

Great Home Inspections AZ brochure 2-15-16
Downloadable Brochure