Home Inspection Checklist

We have provided a home inspection checklist that will show many of the items that may be included in your House Inspection Report.

As part of a typical home transaction, the buyer of your home will have a home inspection conducted. The inspector will produce a report of items that need attention. As a professional home inspector I come across many recurring items in homes. Many of these items are not expensive to repair but the homeowner is not aware that they need attention.
The standard contract states that the home systems should be functional. Functional means operating as intended. So, if you have a toilet in the hallway bathroom with a leaky stopper and it is running continuously it is not operating as intended.
This home inspection checklist can help you address many minor issues before the sale of your home to possibly prevent any problems at the end of the sale.



Anti-Siphon Valves

Corrosion and/or Active Water Leaks at Exterior Plumbing

Landscaping Irrigation

Grading & Drainage

Gaps at Trim or Siding

Plumbing & Electrical Covers

 ROOF- Including Shingles, Tiles, Flashing, Underlayment 


Missing Electrical Covers

Missing or Non-Responsive Smoke Detectors

Burned out Bulbs

GFCI Outlets

Interior Wiring

Water Stains / Water Damage

Kitchen- Including Safety of: Dishwasher, Stove, Oven, Plumbing,Countertops

HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING- Including Safety, Filters, Efficiency

BATHROOMS- Including Plumbing, Countertops, Corrosion

LAUNDRY ROOM- Including Ventilation, Dryer Vents, Plumbing

ACCESS- We need access to these important areas! Attic, Control Panels, Electrical Panels