Leaking or Corrosion at Plumbing – Check under the bathroom sinks.  There should be no active water leaks nor any corrosion that might indicate potential leaks on the plumbing.

Run On Toilets – Any toilets that run intermittently or continuously should be repaired.

Gaps at Sink and Countertops –  Gaps can form over time due to deterioration of the caulk or settlement of the countertop.  This creates paths for water to leak beneath the countertop.  Any gaps should be sealed with caulk or grout to provide protection.

Outdated Plumbing – For bathrooms in older homes, the water supply lines and shutoffs for the bathroom sinks were composed of plastic, flexible copper and other materials.  Over time many of these materials have become brittle and susceptible to water leaks.  These old supply lines and shutoffs should be replaced to provide protection.